Trauma & Stress

Osteopathic treatment is often very relaxing and calming, especially suitable for those suffering from stress. Single or multiple events of emotional or physical injuries, which are traumatic, can seriously impact our lives long term.

Lucy’s special interest is working with patients in a supportive coaching role physically and emotionally within an osteopathic setting.

Lucy has completed courses on ‘The Neurobiological Legacy of Trauma’ run by Janina Fisher PhD to understand the ongoing relationship of trauma and the body.

Further referral for Trauma Counselling or appropriate specialist may be advised.

“Long-lasting responses to trauma result not simply from the experience of fear and helplessness but from how our bodies interpret those experiences.”

-Rachel Yehuda




Chronic headaches and migraines can be debilitating, impacting our quality of life, lifestyle, mood and daily activities. By taking a detailed headache case history, and assessing individual triggers, including foods, activities, sleep routine, and medication use we can create a holistic management plan to encourage relief from headaches and migraines.

Lucy also uses a questionnaire to assess the impact of headache/migraine and symptoms on daily life. 

Lucy frequently receives referrals from Consultant Neurologists to aid symptoms of headache/migraine. 

Lucy has attended courses and is a member of Osteopaths for Progress in Headache and Migraine (OPHM).

Please Note: Lucy's Chronic Headache and Migraine Clinic only accepts patients who have had symptoms for 6 months or more. New onset headache will require medical screening by a Neurologist prior to Osteopathy treatment.

Contact Lucy for further advice. 

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Nutrition Advice

Nutrition is often a key part of treatment of chronic or acute issues at all ages. Supporting long term health with optimum nutrition, or identifying foods intolerances or allergies can have many key benefits.

Exercise Advice

Lucy can advise specific exercises for support between treatments for your current issue, and also advise specific movements to avoid, which may lead to re-injury.

Specialist Referrals

As Primary Health Care Practitioners, Osteopaths are medically trained, qualified and registered to provide care in the community for people making an initial approach to a medical clinic or practitioner for advice or treatment. GP’s are commonly known providers of primary care.