From onset of periods to pregnancy, menopause and beyond, Women's Health Osteopathy addresses the specific needs of optimising health and wellbeing. Using Osteopathic principles and applying them to the female pelvis and body as a whole, understanding hormonal influences, mechanical strains, dietary and nutritional impact, and antenatal health, your pregnancy and birth history including postpartum recovery, we are able to create a treatment plan to address complex and diverse Women's Health needs specifically.

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Nutrition Advice

Nutrition is often a key part of treatment of chronic or acute issues at all ages. Supporting long term health with optimum nutrition, or identifying foods intolerances or allergies can have many key benefits.

Exercise Advice

Lucy can advise specific exercises for support between treatments for your current issue, and also advise specific movements to avoid, which may lead to re-injury.

Specialist Referrals

As Primary Health Care Practitioners, Osteopaths are medically trained, qualified and registered to provide care in the community for people making an initial approach to a medical clinic or practitioner for advice or treatment. GP’s are commonly known providers of primary care.