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Osteopathy is a gentle treatment suitable for babies and children. Osteopaths are trained in therapeutic approaches that are suitable for a broad range of individuals for all ages, including pregnant women, children and babies. Osteopathic care is delivered through a range of interventions, which may include onward referral, health management advice, manual therapy, exercise advice, exercise therapy and others. Lucy often works alongside experienced IBCLC Lactation Consultants to give postural advice related to breastfeeding and improve baby's jaw and cranial mechanics to improve latch, suck and seal when breast, bottle or supplemental feeding.

At each initial Paediatric appointment Lucy assesses infants with neonatal medical examination, osteopathic examination for body tension and restrictions, and intraoral and cranial assessment including tongue tie screening. Neck and body tension may arise from a complex delivery: a very fast delivery or conversely a prolonged delivery, and whether forceps or ventouse or emergency caesarian were required for medical reasons. Osteopathy can be very helpful to aid relaxation for newborns. 

Osteopaths adapt their therapeutic approach depending on the individual needs of the patient and their presenting complaint. Manual therapy techniques employed may include articulation and gentle manipulation of joints and soft tissues.

Lucy works with patients with specific needs, disabilities and learning disabilities. Lucy has worked within NHS preterm/premature baby units and specialist paediatric clinics as part of her 3 year specialist paediatric postgraduate training, acquiring the Diploma in Paediatric Osteopathy (DPO) in 2018 from The Osteopathic Centre for Children, widely considered to be the gold standard for postgraduate osteopathic paediatric education worldwide.

Lucy is currently undertaking a Diploma in Women's Health Osteopathy with the Molinari Institute of Health, a pioneering course aimed at treating women of all ages, combining classical, structural, visceral and cranial techniques, including treatment aimed at supporting and restoring gynaecological health throughout postpartum recovery.

Men's Health Osteopathy: Male pelvic health issues may also be treated with osteopathy. A detailed case history is required prior to treatment to assess whether this approach may be suitable. 

Osteopaths are trained to screen for medical conditions and will tell you if you need to see another health professional such as your doctor, specialist, lactation consultant, midwife or health visitor. Osteopathic techniques are suitable for children at all stages of development; Lucy will assess your child to see what might be appropriate and helpful.


Osteopathy for New Fathers: New fathers experience many of the same demands as new mothers, such as sleepless nights and tiredness whilst caring for the new addition to the family. Fathers can also benefit greatly from osteopathic treatment to address aches and pains or chronic issues.




ANAMAYA MAMAS : newborn, infant and baby weekly weigh-in is available to book at our Kensington location. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lucy is also currently creating ANAMAYA MAMAS : Private Classes for Feeding Support. which will be available soon at our Kensington location This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lucy’s Family Clinic Package is treatment designed for each individual member of the family, whilst understanding how the family work together as a group- to request more details please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A woman’s body changes during pregnancy. Those changes include the softening of ligaments, weight increase and changes to posture. That can lead to additional pressure on joints in various parts of the body, including the spine or pelvis.

Osteopathy may help to relieve the stresses and strains on your body during pregnancy or after birth.

Pregnancy could cause general aches and pains including joint or back pain and osteopathy could help. Lucy uses the principle that healthy balance and function of the musculoskeletal framework of the body is essential to whole body health.

From onset of periods to pregnancy, menopause and beyond, Women's Health Osteopathy addresses the specific needs of optimising health and wellbeing. Using Osteopathic principles and applying them to the female pelvis and body as a whole, understanding hormonal influences, mechanical strains, dietary and nutritional impact, and antenatal health, your pregnancy and birth history including postpartum recovery, we are able to create a treatment plan to address complex and diverse Women's Health needs specifically.

Babies’ skeletons are softer than an adult’s and osteopaths will therefore use gentler techniques such as cranial osteopathy when treating babies. Osteopathy is a gentle treatment suitable for children and babies.

Osteopaths utilise a range of techniques including physical manipulation, stretching and massage, and other techniques such as Cranial.

Cranial techniques are safe, gentle, and non-manipulative. The are often used when treating young children and newborn infants.

Gentle manipulation could help soothe and relax your baby.

Osteopaths work under the principle that there may be a number of contributing factors to the symptoms and will therefore evaluate not only the area which is producing the symptoms but also associated areas that may be contributing to the issue, including nutrition, past trauma, previous injury, social/relationships, environmental factors and family health history to manage your health holistically.

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Nutrition Advice

Nutrition is often a key part of treatment of chronic or acute issues at all ages. Supporting long term health with optimum nutrition, or identifying foods intolerances or allergies can have many key benefits.

Exercise Advice

Lucy can advise specific exercises for support between treatments for your current issue, and also advise specific movements to avoid, which may lead to re-injury.

Specialist Referrals

As Primary Health Care Practitioners, Osteopaths are medically trained, qualified and registered to provide care in the community for people making an initial approach to a medical clinic or practitioner for advice or treatment. GP’s are commonly known providers of primary care.