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Lucy frequently recommends interesting research-led books to her patients to aid them in further understanding of their health. 

A few commonly recommended are below:

Dirty Genes - Dr Ben Lynch

Tongue Tied - Dr Richard Baxter (paediatric dentist) 

The China Study - T Colin Campbell

The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby & Child Care - Sally Fallon Morell & Thomas S Cowan MD (based on the works of Weston A Price. Dr Cowan is interesting- he is inspired by Weston A Price & Rudolf Steiner) 

The 8 Hour Sleep Paradox - Dr Mark Burhenne (functional dentist)

Dental Distress - AC Fonder

Cure Tooth Decay - Ramiel Nagel

Crazy Good Living - Dr Alvin Danenberg (functional periodontist) - based on the works of Weston A Price. 

Fats that heal fats that kill - Udo Erasmus

Born to Run - Christopher McDougall

The Invisible Rainbow - Arthur Firstenberg







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Babies’ skeletons are softer than an adult’s and osteopaths will therefore use gentler techniques such as cranial osteopathy when treating babies.

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Lucy can advise specific exercises for support between treatments for your current issue, and also advise specific movements to avoid, which may lead to re-injury.

Often supervised classes (including Personal Training) aimed at medium to long term rehabilitation such as Pilates, Yoga, Weight training and Swimming are advised on a case-by-case basis.


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A woman’s body changes during pregnancy. Those changes include the softening of ligaments, weight increase and changes to posture. That can lead to additional pressure on joints in various parts of the body, including the spine or pelvis.

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As Primary Health Care Practitioners, Osteopaths are medically trained, qualified and registered to provide care in the community for people making an initial approach to a medical clinic or practitioner for advice or treatment. GP’s are commonly known providers of primary care.

Osteopaths screen every patient with a thorough case history and appropriate examination, including a neonatal/ paediatric examination for babies or children, in order to assess whether the patient’s issue is suitable for osteopathic treatment, or whether a referral to GP, Specialist or Paediatrician is required.

Your consent will be sought before a referral takes place, and all issues of concern will be discussed with you in order for you to make an informed decision.

If you have any serious concerns regarding your health, call NHS Direct for Urgent need medical help or advice on phone number 111.

For immediate life-threatening emergencies continue to call 999.

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Nutrition is often a key part of treatment of chronic or acute issues at all ages. Supporting long term health with optimum nutrition, or identifying foods intolerances or allergies can have many key benefits.

Lucy is able to give preliminary nutrition advice, and will suggest further referral to a Naturopath or to your GP for Dietician, Nutritionist, or for allergy testing if required.

Nutritional needs change during pregnancy after birth, and specialist pregnancy nutritionists can provide further advice. Breastfeeding and postural advice can be obtained from your Midwife, Health Visitor, Lactation Consultant and Osteopath. Lucy may also encourage you to seek further advice from these practitioners. Concerns regarding your baby’s weight gain, tongue-tie or acquirement of milestones can be raised with these practitioners, and you may be referred to a Paediatrician if required.